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Business Writing – Here’s How to Make Yours a Success

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

The world of business requires you, if you seek success, to learn a few things. It is very common to find a great shortage of people that are actually competent with proficient business writing skills. It is obvious that, people do not like to write things in general. It is something people do not like to do. So if you’re trying to move higher up in your company, it is necessary that you write more competently than ever before. The other part of that is if you are the business owner and you have no employees.

New business will not come your way if your skills at writing are lacking. You can outsource your writing, or improve your writing skills to make a huge difference.  The effects can be quickly beneficial, especially if you update your site and blog regularly.  Also on social media, where writing skills are even more beneficial – perfect for promoting any sort of business or service.  Check out some of the useful guidelines you’ll find on advertising on the online TV channels – try this UK ITV link for an example.

The first thing you want to look at, in regard to improving your business writing, is to do more proofreading and editing. It is so important to proofread every e-mail, even if you don’t think they are important look at again.


Always use as much time as possible when it comes to proofreading longer communications that you are interacting with. The writing should be powerful and well written. It is also okay to find mistakes, but that’s really not the point. As long as you look it over a few days later, you will notice mistakes that you otherwise would not have. It will be so easy to tighten up what you’re writing, and you will wish that you had done this sooner.

Here is one of the most influential tactics you could incorporate into your writing; as simple as it is.

The trick is to keep your subject as lucid and clear to understand as possible. The quality of clarity is critical from emails all the way to business presentations which are based on business writing to some degree. This can be important to all concepts of your business; together with your verbal talents. When you strive to be very clear, you will tend to be concise as well. When you keep your writing short and to the point, folks will view you as a seasoned business person.

No matter what the medium or purpose of your writing, always remember the following fundamental concern of your readers. People are usually egocentric and just want to know how something can benefit them. This belief is real for marketers, advertisers and across the whole board. You need to grasp the notion that people won’t interrupt what they are doing in order to read something if they don’t think it will be advantageous for them. There can be exceptions, for instance reading casually about appealing topics, of course even what they read then should be pleasing and relaxing. Be sure to always let your readers know what they will discover in your writing and that it will enhance their lives. You can move your business writing to intense levels and there is nothing bad about that. By executing this, you will just be paying yourself mightily with time and a boost in knowledge. For starters, you should direct your attention toward the areas that require immediate improvement. After that, pick those topics that are most relevant to your situation and hone your skills. In the end, you’ll be capable of developing pieces of writing that gets the attention of all the right people.

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China Tightens Internet Controls

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

There were some that hoped that the new leadership of China would have a more relaxed attitude to the internet and online discourse, however this is looking increasingly unlikely.  Instead of relaxing the rules new legislation is being introduced that will tighten control by the government even further than before.

At the moment China has the most stringent and advanced filtering system on the planet. The Great Firewall if China is justly infamous for it’s extensive restrictions on what you can access online from within China.  Foreign websites like YouTube and Facebook are often blocked completely whilst even internet searches for sensitive words and phrases are censored too.  The Chinese authorities even have an army of paid bloggers who comment and divert conversations away from politicallly sensitive subjects!

The Chinese are hence avid users of a variety of VPN and proxy services designed to allow them access to different sites.  Using methods like these they use them for a variety of reasons simply to be able to get access to these blocked social networking sites.  Many others have specific needs and you’ll often see Chinese websurfers asking – how do I get a UK IP Address for example.  The answer is here and the reason –  so they can watch a less biased news service of world events through the BBC Iplayer!  For news and information closer to home, many Chinese will look to Hong Kong or pay out for Australian proxies which have more localised news on ABC iView.

Of course, the new laws and regulations are not being sold as tightening these already strict controls.  The official like is to enable the authorities to ’safeguard national security and social public interests’.  One of the most important new laws is that all web users must regitser their real names with the Internet service providers.  Strict penalties will be applied to ISPs who do not conform and enforce this new requirement.

At Last the BBC on my Ipad

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

When I got my Ipad I had visions of watching the news from the BBC whilst sitting watching the Californian sun dip below the horizon on my porch.  The best weather in the world combined with the best TV channels on the sexiest piece of technology that I’ve ever seen.  Unfortunately the reality didn’t quite happen as when I tried to access the BBC through their IPlayer application I was informed that I couldn’t watch due to my location.

Let me be quite clear although I’m currently in the US, I am a UK tax payer and perhaps more relevent a license fee payer too.  To be told I couldn’t watch the BBC news because of where I happened to be was rather annoying to be honest.  So I searched online, I read about the technology that was stopping me – apparently callled Geotargeting.  This involves a web site looking up your IP address when you connect and then cross referencing with a database listing all the locations.  So if you connect from California, I get an American IP address.

I figured there must be a way to hide your IP address and also your location – and I was right.  Firstly I discovered that you could use a proxy server based in another country to get access.  This however was a bit fiddly and involved changing my settings in Safari each time.  I looked further and finally found a solution that worked specifically on the Ipad using a VPN –

It’s surprisingly easy to do, the VPN can be enabled or disabled at will.  When it’s connected I appear to be in the UK wherever I actually am and as such I can watch the BBC whenever I like.  Even the desktop version works ok over VPN which allows you to download the shows and watch them later with no buffering.

Internet Filtering – Iceland

Friday, September 14th, 2012

There is a campaign in many European countries to censor adult content from the internet.  There are debates taking place now in the UK around plans to enforce some sort of default censorship through the ISPs. Now Iceland is considering taking the same step and Vodaphone is considering making it’s own Online Filtering Service a default for all it’s customers.

People would still be able to opt out of they service but the default would be to be filtered.  Customers would be in charge of the filter through a self admin page to configure the settings.  Another ISP in Iceland called Siminn already offers the option to filter and block porn but it is off by default.

Users who are subject to these filters could also bypass them by using a proxy service which operates beyond the filters.  For instance this discussion takes place on this page – where you’ll find lots of information on proxies, VPNs and how to change your IP address when online.  The site is based mainly on American issues although the concepts are the same wherever you are, there is a bit on watching Canadian TV which some might find useful.