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Issues With Michael Jackson’s Estate

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

A lawsuit is currently underway on rights to Michael Jackson’s estate.  Lawsuits were filed last Friday on behalf of the estate as well as Michael Jackson’s former manager.  Former manager Tohme Tohme began working for Jackson in 2008 and, according to lawyers for the estate, had mostly selfish intentions.  Jackson entered into a “Services Agreement” with Tohme that laid out certain responsibilities for Tohme, such as maintaining music license contracts, event management, and the like.  This agreement was signed without outside legal counsel, and Jackson even signed over power of attorney to Tohme.

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With those powers, Tohme was able to sign over the rights to some of Jackson’s copyrights to charities and take over some of his real estate investments.  The estate’s lawyers argue that this was not Jackson’s intention when he signed the documents.  Jackson fired Tohme after less than a year of service, and now the estate lawyers are trying to “unwind” the legal aftermath of the situation.