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USA PCB Sales on the Rise Again

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Manufacturers of printed circuit boards (PCBs) have has another good year in 2012.  Numerous reports have suggested substantial growth for most PCB producers such as Plexus Corp and TTM Technologies who are two of the most prominent listed on  the US NASDAQ.  This situation is in stark contrast to the period of 2010-2011 where sales plummeted in a direct link to the global recession.
It is interesting to examine this particular fall, as normally the PCB market doesn’t conform to global economic conditions quite as strictly as this case.  But in 2010 the global market too a severe nosedive simply because of the huge fall in demand of related technical products.  These included all sorts of electronic consumer devices and some telecommunication products.  There were some positive news in that period, especially the growth in the market for PCB driven smart cards, but overall the outlook was bleak.


A couple of years on and that has changed substantially, despite no huge increase in the global economic situation.  New markets are expanding and the PCB market has gained from the huge demand surge for smartphones and tablets.  We’re not out of the woods yet but the recession is beginning to look like it does have and end.  In the US there are still major challenges but some positive economic data is being released.  In Europe nothing much has improved but perhaps a slight trickle of consumer confidence is beginning to return.

The real reason is of course the incredible surge in demand for mobile devices like phones and tablets.  The functionality has been increasing rapidy meaning consumers are keen to buy and upgrade these devices as soon as possible.  Consumers are using these devices more and more and they are rapidly becoming an important part of their lives.  People are running their lives on their smartphones and the entertainment options are increasing too.  Only the other day I saw  young businessman organising his day’s itinerary on his smartphone whilst he streamed the BBC onto his tablet.  I did discover how he did this as I thought you couldn’t watch the BBC in America.  I believe he used a technique like this – to watch Iplayer USA, although I’m not completely sure.

There is no doubt that the outlook for PCB manufacturers looks very promising.  The fast pace of innovation and technical advancements are fueling demand for products with circuit boards.  This report was compiiled by John Greenhoff, blogger, video producer – and technology reporter: more info.