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China Tightens Internet Controls

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

There were some that hoped that the new leadership of China would have a more relaxed attitude to the internet and online discourse, however this is looking increasingly unlikely.  Instead of relaxing the rules new legislation is being introduced that will tighten control by the government even further than before.

At the moment China has the most stringent and advanced filtering system on the planet. The Great Firewall if China is justly infamous for it’s extensive restrictions on what you can access online from within China.  Foreign websites like YouTube and Facebook are often blocked completely whilst even internet searches for sensitive words and phrases are censored too.  The Chinese authorities even have an army of paid bloggers who comment and divert conversations away from politicallly sensitive subjects!

The Chinese are hence avid users of a variety of VPN and proxy services designed to allow them access to different sites.  Using methods like these they use them for a variety of reasons simply to be able to get access to these blocked social networking sites.  Many others have specific needs and you’ll often see Chinese websurfers asking – how do I get a UK IP Address for example.  The answer is here and the reason –  so they can watch a less biased news service of world events through the BBC Iplayer!  For news and information closer to home, many Chinese will look to Hong Kong or pay out for Australian proxies which have more localised news on ABC iView.

Of course, the new laws and regulations are not being sold as tightening these already strict controls.  The official like is to enable the authorities to ’safeguard national security and social public interests’.  One of the most important new laws is that all web users must regitser their real names with the Internet service providers.  Strict penalties will be applied to ISPs who do not conform and enforce this new requirement.