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At Last the BBC on my Ipad

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

When I got my Ipad I had visions of watching the news from the BBC whilst sitting watching the Californian sun dip below the horizon on my porch.  The best weather in the world combined with the best TV channels on the sexiest piece of technology that I’ve ever seen.  Unfortunately the reality didn’t quite happen as when I tried to access the BBC through their IPlayer application I was informed that I couldn’t watch due to my location.

Let me be quite clear although I’m currently in the US, I am a UK tax payer and perhaps more relevent a license fee payer too.  To be told I couldn’t watch the BBC news because of where I happened to be was rather annoying to be honest.  So I searched online, I read about the technology that was stopping me – apparently callled Geotargeting.  This involves a web site looking up your IP address when you connect and then cross referencing with a database listing all the locations.  So if you connect from California, I get an American IP address.

I figured there must be a way to hide your IP address and also your location – and I was right.  Firstly I discovered that you could use a proxy server based in another country to get access.  This however was a bit fiddly and involved changing my settings in Safari each time.  I looked further and finally found a solution that worked specifically on the Ipad using a VPN –

It’s surprisingly easy to do, the VPN can be enabled or disabled at will.  When it’s connected I appear to be in the UK wherever I actually am and as such I can watch the BBC whenever I like.  Even the desktop version works ok over VPN which allows you to download the shows and watch them later with no buffering.