Skyhigh Refrigerator Prices


Prices for qualtiy refrigerators have been climbing in recent times due to a combination of factors impacting the major manufacturers in China.  As China develops, their labor costs have started to rise as they are fnally running short on additional people who can easily be added to the cheap labor pool.

Also, commodity prices have climbed recently.  This makes the raw materials needed for the manufacture of appliances like refrigerators and increases the price of producing them on the factory floor.

Even some US manufacturers have had to raise prices recently.  Whilst labor costs in the USA have started declining, due to competition from a globalized work force, America suffers the same problems as China does when it comes to commodity prices.

Subzero refrigerator prices – while never cheap – have steadily increased in cost over recent years.  Made in the US, Sub-Zero products are very well regarded by well-heeled consumers.  Luckily for the firm their clientele is largely price insensitive, or else they would be purchasing cheaper LG or Frigidaire refrigerator freezers as a cheaper alternative.


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