The Latest Way to Get Cluttered Garages Under Control

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As the weather starts to get warmer, and Spring approaches, many people start to look for ways to clear the clutter out of their homes. Often, people are surprised to find that their garages have become all but unusable due to the clutter that has built up over the winter months. When people are looking for a fast way to make space inside the house, the garage often becomes the designated dumping ground. Coming up with garage storage solution can be one of the most useful things one can do to get clutter under control.

There are many good options available for people looking to reclaim their garage space. One often overlooked idea is to make the most of the available vertical space in the garage. When we are creating our cluttered mess, it is seldom done with any planning. We simply set things down on the nearest flat surface. When we take things in a vertical direction, we quickly start to clear out floor space.

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An example of going vertical with your garage storage is installing some basic shelving along the garage walls. Depending on the depth of the shelves, they can be used to hold everything from small items all the way up to containers filled with items we do not use every day. These containers themselves can also often be safely stacked at least two or three levels high beneath the lowest shelf in your garage. You will be amazed at how far this can go toward clearing the garage floor area.

Some people take the idea of getting things off of the floor even further. Lofts can be built that will hold a tremendous amount of household stuff, but that can require quite a bit of work and do it yourself know how. A much simpler solution that works quite well is purchasing pre-made overhead storage racks. These are ready made, metal devices that are mounted to the ceiling of the garage. Depending on the model purchased, they can often hold a couple of hundred pounds safely. An added benefit of buying the pre-made racks is that several of them can be installed right up against each other to create massive amounts of open floor area. When your garage is very cluttered, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of getting things in order. Before you panic though, take a close look at your situation and find out what kinds of helpful products might be available to help you achieve your goal of getting your home back in shape. You might be surprised at how painless getting organized can be.

Jeremy Halls

Writer of BBC iPlayer Ireland.

Assessing Server Loads for Proxy Servers

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Of course one of the most important aspects of running a proxy server is speed. However you’re never going to know if your server will be fast enough unless you do some basic load estimating beforehand. No one will want to use your super secure proxy if it runs like a three legged donkey.

So how do you estimate the expected load on your server? Well there are several questions you need to ask yourself of which the most important is simply – how many users?

The important concept here as regarding speed is how many concurrent users. That is how many users will be connected at any one time, this has by far the biggest impact on performance.


Other load impact will be what type of use, what type of content will be downloaded and how many accesses per second, hour or day will be involved. Imagine the impact on a server of a few hundred users browsing text based resources and downloading the odd graphic file. Then contrast this with the same few hundred users streaming or downloading HD quality videos and films. The difference will be phenomenal, the reality is that your users are much likely to be in the second category. People use secure proxies not only for keeping themself safe online but also to bypass geotargeting blocks to watch things like the BBC and US TV channels from other countries. There is an example of such high security services which run against a network of international proxies. This software acts as a front end – for switching between proxies automatically – this video.

Only by asking yourself these sort of questions can you hope to estimate the total load on your proxy and the hardware required to cope with it. The server administrators which rely on simple statistics like the number of users will definitely underestimate the resources required and will end up with a slow and unusable server.

Source: Jim Greenhoff – IT Videos

USA PCB Sales on the Rise Again

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Manufacturers of printed circuit boards (PCBs) have has another good year in 2012.  Numerous reports have suggested substantial growth for most PCB producers such as Plexus Corp and TTM Technologies who are two of the most prominent listed on  the US NASDAQ.  This situation is in stark contrast to the period of 2010-2011 where sales plummeted in a direct link to the global recession.
It is interesting to examine this particular fall, as normally the PCB market doesn’t conform to global economic conditions quite as strictly as this case.  But in 2010 the global market too a severe nosedive simply because of the huge fall in demand of related technical products.  These included all sorts of electronic consumer devices and some telecommunication products.  There were some positive news in that period, especially the growth in the market for PCB driven smart cards, but overall the outlook was bleak.


A couple of years on and that has changed substantially, despite no huge increase in the global economic situation.  New markets are expanding and the PCB market has gained from the huge demand surge for smartphones and tablets.  We’re not out of the woods yet but the recession is beginning to look like it does have and end.  In the US there are still major challenges but some positive economic data is being released.  In Europe nothing much has improved but perhaps a slight trickle of consumer confidence is beginning to return.

The real reason is of course the incredible surge in demand for mobile devices like phones and tablets.  The functionality has been increasing rapidy meaning consumers are keen to buy and upgrade these devices as soon as possible.  Consumers are using these devices more and more and they are rapidly becoming an important part of their lives.  People are running their lives on their smartphones and the entertainment options are increasing too.  Only the other day I saw  young businessman organising his day’s itinerary on his smartphone whilst he streamed the BBC onto his tablet.  I did discover how he did this as I thought you couldn’t watch the BBC in America.  I believe he used a technique like this – to watch Iplayer USA, although I’m not completely sure.

There is no doubt that the outlook for PCB manufacturers looks very promising.  The fast pace of innovation and technical advancements are fueling demand for products with circuit boards.  This report was compiiled by John Greenhoff, blogger, video producer – and technology reporter: more info.


Rental Car Company Introduces Excellent Enterprise Car Rental Deals & Puts Quality Rentals in Easy Reach


A new Rental Car Deals Company called MyCarRentalCoupons has recently added Enterprise Car Rental Deals to add to the already large list of car rental discounts available to help customers get a better deal online. whilst Enterprise Rent-A-Car already offers competitive pricing, now Customers can benefit from even better discounts through the use of promotion offers and coupons. The company states that consumers can save as much as $40 on their car rental through utilizing the coupons and discounts available. This is a massive saving on already low prices.

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With over 20 leading car rental companies in the US, each competing for your business, there will no doubt be more deals and discounts available for you to use. My Car Rental Coupons aims to have the latest discounts available by working with all the leading car rental companies. They have already notice an increase in traffic over the holiday season as many people travel for their holidays and need a loan car. Even companies are reporting that they have little or no vehicles left.

To get the best deals though it’s also worth checking out local deals by using the internet.  Just to explain there are often two sets of rates for car hire – an international one for visitors and a local rate for people who are resident to that country.  Often the car hire rate for a Florida resident for example may be much cheaper than that offered to a UK tourist who is on holiday.  It’s worth checking this but you’ll need to hide your location when you access the web site – try looking at an American rental site using a fast USA proxy and see if you get a better rate

MyCarRentalCoupons is a web based tool to help you find amazing deals and promotions for some of the biggest car rental companies including Budget, Enterprise, Hertz and more. There you will find the latest Enterprise Car Rental Coupon Codes for 2014 to get the best deals online and information about the company can be found on the website too.

Woman and Beauty Product


For every woman, being beautiful and healthy are the most important thing to pursuit in order to have high confident. One cannot be separated from the other. Having only beauty in the outside but not healthy in the inside are not good combination to have the perfect life.

Many beauty products are offered and many have been proved to be very convenient and not. In Indonesia there is one famous beauty and health product named Glutera. In order to get the perfect both in look and health, this Glutera supplement is one of the best products that you can consume. And why is that? because it contains Glutathione.

Glutathione is the best antioxidant that our body produces in order to fight the free radical. Free radical is one of the causes of health diseases. Where is free radical coming from? It comes from the food we ate, the bad environment we live, and the bad pollution we breathe.

Treating Your Smoking Habits

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Real beauty can be timeless. Don’t believe us. Just take a look at some of most beautiful women from the last century and you’ll see that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Whereas smoking was commonplace for any starlet during the heyday of Hollywood, there’s now a stigma attached with being a smoker and with it a growing market to help people stop.

This negativity towards it and the consensus of how much better anyone will feel when their lungs are smoke-free has seen an increase in people searching for that healthier lifestyle.

Nowadays people worry more and more about how they look and what the best options are when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. When supermarkets can offer multipacks of our favourite snacks cheaper than healthy alternatives, looking after your weight can become a case of balancing on a seesaw. Smokers have a hard time looking after a healthy lifestyle because the way chemicals in cigarettes react with the blood stream and disrupt the body’s natural way of controlling your cravings.

There’s also a higher level of self-consciousness with people being concerned with their appearance. Smokers are apt to finding any sort of cure to kick the habit. The rise in popularity of e-cigarettes has seen the old school appeal of nicotine patches dwindle in attractiveness.

 People who really want to stop smoking can even get laser therapy to help release more endorphins in to the body and tamper the craving. This method is proving to be extremely effective and has a higher success rate than any high street alternative.