News About Semi Permanent Make Up in the United States and the UK


Mainstream media reports have been giving lots of attention to the latest advances in high-tech digital micropigmentation equipment and recent innovative techniques in cosmetic tattooing, which is also known as intradermal cosmetics, micropigmentation, permanent makeup and also semi permanent make up. Since reports of techniques, new machines, and breakthroughs in shading, layering, hairstroke methods, SofTap manual procedures, as well as advances in lash enhancements that provide natural-looking eyeliners, are broadcast internationally and/or made available online, the terms used to describe these unique beauty procedures on two different continents has given rise to some unfortunate confusion amongst women interested in the procedures.


The confusion has to do with the terms “permanent makeup” versus “semi permanent make up”, with one giving the impression of being akin to lasting forever and the other suggesting it may be less than “permanent”. Women who may have been leery of getting an eyebrow tattoo, eyeliner or lip color, are now hunting for semi permanent make up clinics that may offer procedures not quite so permanent as a tattoo. But the confusion has arisen only due to a linguistic difference between terms in the US and the UK – not a difference in the actual procedures. Quite simply, both phrases refer to the same procedures, the same techniques, the same high tech equipment and pigments, just that in the United States the phrase “permanent” denotes the fact that the makeup cannot be eliminated easily, whereas in the UK, the term “semi permanent” emphasizes that the procedures will provide good color for between 1 – 3 years, but may require retouching. In the UK, the cosmetic tattooing industry recognizes that pigments gradually fade if they are not refreshed, whereas in the United States any process that deposits pigment into the dermis is called “permanent”. Nevertheless, both are “permanent”. There is no semi permanent make up alternative to a cosmetic tattoo.

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