Keep Your Cat Health


Cat is like a human it can suffer from disease. When decide to take a cat as pet automatically it is our responsible to keep his health mainly about its meal. In fact, let the cat eats too much cause obesity which can predispose the cat to diabetes, hepatic lipidosis and arthritis. Overweight and actually obese cats outnumber cats of normal weight and are being seen more and more commonly by veterinarians for various disorders.

Preventing those above happen to your cat thinking about what is the cause is your task. That’s pretty simple, but true. Depends on why your cat is overweight. If he’s overweight because he eats too much, or you feed him too much, then there are the common beliefs that obesity can lead to shorter life spans, diabetes, or joint and skin problems It is multifactorial but to simplify, just remember this: any individual mammal will gain body weight if it consumes more calories than it burns as fuel for energy.  Automatic cat feeder is the right solution for you, regarding this easily you can arrange your cat meal time without worrying about obese risk.

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