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I was reading a story the other day about a chap from Ireland called Jonny Ward, who had managed to visit every single country in the world.  It had taken him nearly ten years and it was a fascinating tale which inspired both jealousy and some wanderlust!  However there was one aspect of his adventures that I found most surprising which was how he had financed this travels.

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There’s probably many people, like me, who are desperate to travel but always find an excuse not to.   Mortgages, kids, jobs and responsibilities are usually at the top of my list, yet there’s probably one common to us all and that’s money. Travel after all costs money, not only the physical moving about, but accommodation and probably loads of other costs you leave behind you.   If you tally up how much money you’d need for even a year or so’s travel then it starts looking like an impossible dream.

Yet it’s not always the case and there’s a particular lifestyle which easily lends itself to this sort of travel – digital marketing.  You see our friend from Ireland had no real money behind him either, but what he did do which enabled him to continue was start a travel blog of his adventures.  You can find it here if you’re interested – and it’s the story of not only his travels but how he earned over a million dollars whilst doing it.

This simple blog was the key to him completing his adventures, in fact without it he’d have probably ended up stranded in some dead end job somewhere ringing his parents for the air fare home!  He made money from promoting products in the blog which earned hm commission and advertising slots.   It’s quite simple to set up, and if your readership grows the money starts to flow pretty easily.    You can find examples of these sort of sites all over the internet, of course the crucial aspect is that you need traffic without people reading your blog there will be no income.

It’s an illustration of what the internet makes possible though, if you spot it’s opportunities.   The beauty of making your money in this way is you have no boss, no schedule to keep and of course no physical ties.  There are certain things you do need to make this work of course, a working internet connection fairly regularly is a must but that’s not hard to find nowadays.  You can invest in little tools to assists as well, most travellers buy a VPN service to keep their connection secure and allow them to keep in touch.  This tool I use mainly to watch BBC iPlayer in France, yet it also works all across the world.

However the difficulties are all relatively simple to bypass if you put in the effort and take the risk.  There is no real need to tie yourself down to one place, most countries have a reasonable internet or cellphone network which is enough for a blogger to cope and devices like tablets and laptops are relatively inexpensive and easy to carry around.


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