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Reprieve for the English Ranch Garden

Monday, February 16th, 2015

A reprieve has been received by the controversial community garden.

City direction was directed by the Fort Collins City Council to delay plans for removing the vegetable garden.

“City council has received a tremendous amount of feedback regarding the garden both pro and con,” said Deputy City Manager Jeff Mihelich within an email statement. “With this in your mind, the city will likely be seeking the services of a mediator using the hopes of creating a compromise between the groups.


“The garden will stay in place before the mediation process takes place.”

Particulars of the mediation procedure will soon be published in the coming weeks, Mihelich said.

Supporters of the garden southeast of Fort Collins High School mustered after Mihelich last week announced the garden could be removed.

Garden patrons established an on-line petition calling for it to be saved and held a rally at the site. The request had more than 250 assistants as Tuesday.  Gillian Bliss, community gardener and a park neighbor, said the town ‘s decision pleased her.

“I’m truly expecting that we are able to reach a compromise which is satisfactory to all,” Bliss stated in a email to the Coloradoan.

The decision to remove the garden came after adversaries and city officials of the garden can barely reach a compromise on whether to take out it or relocate it elsewhere.

Critics lobbied city officials for months to have it removed, protesting the lack of play space for children and asserting the garden was an eyesore.

In September, garden opponents presented a petition calling for the removal that 220 local residents signed of the garden to city direction.

Garden supporters were not aware discussions about the garden’s fate were going on. Following community meetings last summer, city officials said the garden would stay over the protests of its critics.

The 3,700-square-foot garden in on the east side of English Ranch Park near Kingsley Drive. The garden, which has 13 plots, was installed last spring as part of the city’s community gardening program.

One of the plots is used by Linton Elementary School, which borders the park.

Four city parks have community gardens. The Gardens on Spring Creek, the city-operated botanical center, also has a community garden.

A large community garden is planned for Southeast Community Park, which is expected to open in about three years near the intersection of Kechter and Ziegler roads.


Hastings Williams

Obamacare – What About My Tax?

Monday, February 2nd, 2015

Life includes just two guarantees: Departure and taxes. It is possible to trust life getting more complex, when those two problems cross in certain capability. This tax filing season is going to be the very first year that the Affordable Care Act is dealt with all by citizens, also called Obamacare. The contentious law strives to make health care cheaper to lower-income families, but it could also out of the blue lower tax refunds.

Most individuals pay a fine or must carry medical insurance. Subsidies may be received by Americans making less than the National Poverty Guideline according to family size. Nonexempt Americans not insured by means of an insurance plan face fee per individual to 1% of household income. Paying a fine or whether receiving a subsidy, both facets will likely be dealt with on tax forms and possess the possibility to surprise filers.

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Subsidies are subsequently sent by the Internal Revenue Service so reduced premiums are received by eligible families. In case you guess wrong about your revenue, the IRS could pay too little or too much to insurance firms. Unsurprisingly, individuals possess a hard time estimating their future income.

On the favorable, most individuals just need to check box and have insurance coverage with no subsidies in the Internal Revenue Service. Others might need to be concerned about filling out two conditions that are new. Form 8965 will decide in the event that you owe a fee and your proper subsidy will be determined by Form 8962. In the event you owe a penalty, the Internal Revenue Service will hold the sum of the fee back from any future tax refunds.

“A fraction of citizens will take distinct measures, like claiming an exemption when they cannot afford insurance or ensuring they received the right level of fiscal assistance. A smaller fraction of citizens can pay a fee when they made a decision not to get coverage they are able to manage.”

George Apterski

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Some Backup Options for Data Storage

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

Computer novices, or those who are challenged, need not feel intimidated with data backup software and applications. It’s important that you keep your computer data protect. There is a backup application that can protect your date whether your computer is a Mac or PC.

Even if you just get something on the lower end, it’s still better than having no protection. Check out the following 3 backup solutions that are available.


If you are looking for a backup solution that is very modern and unique, NTI Backup Now might be right for you.

A fantastic backup tool, NTI Corporation really went out of their way to create something unique. It works very simply, allowing you to choose whatever files you need to protect, and then set up a schedule for saving this information in a specific location. The user interface is almost drop-dead simple to use and almost any person can get through it. Most people will choose the automatic backup system, but you can also manually do this as well. People that like to use remote desktop connections will be disappointed since this cannot be done. One of the peculiar negatives about NTI Backup Now is it won’t work with the remote desktop in use.

The Cloud could of course change all this, but there’s some real challenges and decisions regarding location of the backup servers.  If privacy is an issue. it’s an important factor with many countries have very little legislation to protect you – normally the European countries are safest and of course the USA, you can use a site like this – to make that connection if there are restrictions on location.

A simple and straightforward software is PowerBackup which could be great for less experienced users. The entire backup process is done in three steps, and at the end you get a summary record outlining what you’ve just performed. One shortcoming of PowerBackup is its inability to create backups and save on removable storage media. Moreover, PowerBackup lacks the ability to perform complete hard drive backups.

Also, you can backup your data online using any one of the many online backup services out there. A popular service is AVG LiveKive and the service costs $79 for an annual subscription. The service offers up to 500GB of data storage per user. But be careful because this is like cell phone minutes, and they will bill you for anything over 500 gigs of use. AVG LiveKive is friendly and supports both Macs and PC computers. They do offer smaller packages if 500 GB is way more than you need. The 25BG and 50GB services plans costs around $50 annually. There are many online backup services today so it’s a good idea to comparison shop to find the best deal for you.

You’ll need to decide if you want a backup solution that you install on your computer or that lets you create backups online. Each of them has advantages so you’ll need to weigh them against each other. You may think that you’ll save a lot of money by going with a low cost online backup service but you’ll need to figure in your long-term costs; those small monthly fees will add up to a lot after a year or a couple of years.

For further information about geolocation – reference.

The Latest Way to Get Cluttered Garages Under Control

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

As the weather starts to get warmer, and Spring approaches, many people start to look for ways to clear the clutter out of their homes. Often, people are surprised to find that their garages have become all but unusable due to the clutter that has built up over the winter months. When people are looking for a fast way to make space inside the house, the garage often becomes the designated dumping ground. Coming up with garage storage solution can be one of the most useful things one can do to get clutter under control.

There are many good options available for people looking to reclaim their garage space. One often overlooked idea is to make the most of the available vertical space in the garage. When we are creating our cluttered mess, it is seldom done with any planning. We simply set things down on the nearest flat surface. When we take things in a vertical direction, we quickly start to clear out floor space.

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An example of going vertical with your garage storage is installing some basic shelving along the garage walls. Depending on the depth of the shelves, they can be used to hold everything from small items all the way up to containers filled with items we do not use every day. These containers themselves can also often be safely stacked at least two or three levels high beneath the lowest shelf in your garage. You will be amazed at how far this can go toward clearing the garage floor area.

Some people take the idea of getting things off of the floor even further. Lofts can be built that will hold a tremendous amount of household stuff, but that can require quite a bit of work and do it yourself know how. A much simpler solution that works quite well is purchasing pre-made overhead storage racks. These are ready made, metal devices that are mounted to the ceiling of the garage. Depending on the model purchased, they can often hold a couple of hundred pounds safely. An added benefit of buying the pre-made racks is that several of them can be installed right up against each other to create massive amounts of open floor area. When your garage is very cluttered, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of getting things in order. Before you panic though, take a close look at your situation and find out what kinds of helpful products might be available to help you achieve your goal of getting your home back in shape. You might be surprised at how painless getting organized can be.

Jeremy Halls

Writer of BBC iPlayer Ireland.

Treating Your Smoking Habits

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Real beauty can be timeless. Don’t believe us. Just take a look at some of most beautiful women from the last century and you’ll see that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Whereas smoking was commonplace for any starlet during the heyday of Hollywood, there’s now a stigma attached with being a smoker and with it a growing market to help people stop.

This negativity towards it and the consensus of how much better anyone will feel when their lungs are smoke-free has seen an increase in people searching for that healthier lifestyle.

Nowadays people worry more and more about how they look and what the best options are when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. When supermarkets can offer multipacks of our favourite snacks cheaper than healthy alternatives, looking after your weight can become a case of balancing on a seesaw. Smokers have a hard time looking after a healthy lifestyle because the way chemicals in cigarettes react with the blood stream and disrupt the body’s natural way of controlling your cravings.

There’s also a higher level of self-consciousness with people being concerned with their appearance. Smokers are apt to finding any sort of cure to kick the habit. The rise in popularity of e-cigarettes has seen the old school appeal of nicotine patches dwindle in attractiveness.

 People who really want to stop smoking can even get laser therapy to help release more endorphins in to the body and tamper the craving. This method is proving to be extremely effective and has a higher success rate than any high street alternative.   

Reaching the Masses

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Having a product or a service that will benefit people is all good and well but without the ability to tell people about it you will not have much success.

Making sure you have the capabilities to market your product or service in the right way to appeal to your target audience and to make sure you reach the maximum amount of people is not easy. Seraching for experts in that field could well be the way to move forward and directories like this, click here, can point you in the direction of companies that are close to you and have the expertise to help.

Using social media is a great way to get in touch with your audience and also a great way for them to get in touch with you. You can keep people up to date with your brand and products and also answer any questions that people may have. Coming up with a good social media campaign is a great way of spreading your word and many businesses have benefited from adverts, pictures and videos going viral.

Getting expert advice to help you with certain campaigns is important as you could end up wasting time and money on something that would yield poor results whereas a simple campaign could be what would work for you.