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Netflix has Lost Ermm Lost

Friday, August 30th, 2013

It may be just me, but as I get older I get more and more annoyed with bad service and incompetance. This has led me to returning from a family holiday and having a mojor tantrum with the online streaming service Netflix.  Now although my age is partly to blame, I must insist that Netflix take part of the blame as they have been completely hopeless.   Here’s someone else who has a similar experience and found a way to fix it –

Basically they make available a series like Lost with well over a hundred episodes and then suddenly delete it without warning.  I got to about episode 25 and was really enjoying it when it was pulled, the chap in  the video was only ten from the end!  Now I know that licenses expire, problems arise but surely if you care remotely about your users you don’t suddenly delete something that large without at least giving some warning.  I mean how about – Lost is expiring in two weeks – catch it while you can.  Then at least you’d have the option to stop watching it or stay up late and grab some more before it expired.

But know Netflix just deleted it, no warning, no apology nothing – people are angry and you can’t blame them. Who’s to say they won’t do it again – is it worth starting to watch some new series if Netflix are just going to pull it !!  For me it’s not so bad, I have at least learnt with my experiments and this research about watching British television online that you can access lots of stuff using proxies and VPN software.  Fortunately the US version of Netflix still has the series available, but I’m tempted to just give up on the company and try someone else instead.

Shame on you Netflix !!

Reaching the Masses

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Having a product or a service that will benefit people is all good and well but without the ability to tell people about it you will not have much success.

Making sure you have the capabilities to market your product or service in the right way to appeal to your target audience and to make sure you reach the maximum amount of people is not easy. Seraching for experts in that field could well be the way to move forward and directories like this, click here, can point you in the direction of companies that are close to you and have the expertise to help.

Using social media is a great way to get in touch with your audience and also a great way for them to get in touch with you. You can keep people up to date with your brand and products and also answer any questions that people may have. Coming up with a good social media campaign is a great way of spreading your word and many businesses have benefited from adverts, pictures and videos going viral.

Getting expert advice to help you with certain campaigns is important as you could end up wasting time and money on something that would yield poor results whereas a simple campaign could be what would work for you.