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NFL Draft & Sports News

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

We are definitely in a different age when it comes to news, don’t you agree?

Check out only the past week or two in terms of sports news.  The NFL draft is now split into a three day adventure, with seemingly constant coverage starting at least a week before on more than one channel.

The only thing that could break the stanglehold of football on our national consciousness this week was Jason Collins and his coming out of the closet as America’s first openly gay professional athlete in a major sport.  Good for you Jason and to all the tv pundits that are bringing religion into the conversation, don’t.  We ask for you to provide coverage of the news, not to spout your personal opinions about people’s private life choices at us.  Plus, in the case of ESPN’s Chris Broussard, you have never once said anything negative about Lebron James fathering two kids out of wedlock-but a gay man deserves a mention? Time to grow up.