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Woman and Beauty Product

Monday, December 16th, 2013


For every woman, being beautiful and healthy are the most important thing to pursuit in order to have high confident. One cannot be separated from the other. Having only beauty in the outside but not healthy in the inside are not good combination to have the perfect life.

Many beauty products are offered and many have been proved to be very convenient and not. In Indonesia there is one famous beauty and health product named Glutera. In order to get the perfect both in look and health, this Glutera supplement is one of the best products that you can consume. And why is that? because it contains Glutathione.

Glutathione is the best antioxidant that our body produces in order to fight the free radical. Free radical is one of the causes of health diseases. Where is free radical coming from? It comes from the food we ate, the bad environment we live, and the bad pollution we breathe.

Treating Your Smoking Habits

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Real beauty can be timeless. Don’t believe us. Just take a look at some of most beautiful women from the last century and you’ll see that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Whereas smoking was commonplace for any starlet during the heyday of Hollywood, there’s now a stigma attached with being a smoker and with it a growing market to help people stop.

This negativity towards it and the consensus of how much better anyone will feel when their lungs are smoke-free has seen an increase in people searching for that healthier lifestyle.

Nowadays people worry more and more about how they look and what the best options are when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. When supermarkets can offer multipacks of our favourite snacks cheaper than healthy alternatives, looking after your weight can become a case of balancing on a seesaw. Smokers have a hard time looking after a healthy lifestyle because the way chemicals in cigarettes react with the blood stream and disrupt the body’s natural way of controlling your cravings.

There’s also a higher level of self-consciousness with people being concerned with their appearance. Smokers are apt to finding any sort of cure to kick the habit. The rise in popularity of e-cigarettes has seen the old school appeal of nicotine patches dwindle in attractiveness.

 People who really want to stop smoking can even get laser therapy to help release more endorphins in to the body and tamper the craving. This method is proving to be extremely effective and has a higher success rate than any high street alternative.   

Netflix has Lost Ermm Lost

Friday, August 30th, 2013

It may be just me, but as I get older I get more and more annoyed with bad service and incompetance. This has led me to returning from a family holiday and having a mojor tantrum with the online streaming service Netflix.  Now although my age is partly to blame, I must insist that Netflix take part of the blame as they have been completely hopeless.   Here’s someone else who has a similar experience and found a way to fix it –

Basically they make available a series like Lost with well over a hundred episodes and then suddenly delete it without warning.  I got to about episode 25 and was really enjoying it when it was pulled, the chap in  the video was only ten from the end!  Now I know that licenses expire, problems arise but surely if you care remotely about your users you don’t suddenly delete something that large without at least giving some warning.  I mean how about – Lost is expiring in two weeks – catch it while you can.  Then at least you’d have the option to stop watching it or stay up late and grab some more before it expired.

But know Netflix just deleted it, no warning, no apology nothing – people are angry and you can’t blame them. Who’s to say they won’t do it again – is it worth starting to watch some new series if Netflix are just going to pull it !!  For me it’s not so bad, I have at least learnt with my experiments and this research about watching British television online that you can access lots of stuff using proxies and VPN software.  Fortunately the US version of Netflix still has the series available, but I’m tempted to just give up on the company and try someone else instead.

Shame on you Netflix !!

Reaching the Masses

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Having a product or a service that will benefit people is all good and well but without the ability to tell people about it you will not have much success.

Making sure you have the capabilities to market your product or service in the right way to appeal to your target audience and to make sure you reach the maximum amount of people is not easy. Seraching for experts in that field could well be the way to move forward and directories like this, click here, can point you in the direction of companies that are close to you and have the expertise to help.

Using social media is a great way to get in touch with your audience and also a great way for them to get in touch with you. You can keep people up to date with your brand and products and also answer any questions that people may have. Coming up with a good social media campaign is a great way of spreading your word and many businesses have benefited from adverts, pictures and videos going viral.

Getting expert advice to help you with certain campaigns is important as you could end up wasting time and money on something that would yield poor results whereas a simple campaign could be what would work for you.


Gimme Back My Netflix

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

About a year ago, I started to get into streaming media for a variety of reasons.   My first and probably biggest driver was the cost and overall quality of my cable package, I mean I can live with paying $80 a month for a decent entertainment package, but not one that is filled with rubbish.  So I started to look online for alternatives in both quality and costs.  My first port of call was the cheapest, downloading stuff on my very fast cable connection from the newsgroups, which believe it or not is entirely possible.  If you want to check out this route then buy yourself a decent NAS (Network attached storage) and download big blocks of stuff – some devices can do this automatically. It kinda works but is very fiddly when you start missing one part of the download and the whole thing won’t play, or a file gets deleted or archived half way through your download.  After a while I looked at the private downloads – the services which mirror news sites and give you a dedicated client to download – stuff like Bintube and Usnext all work very well.

The problem with these is not specifically the service, but just the junk that gets uploaded to Usenet groups. Lots of times the files are not what they say, and often they are encrypted with a password.  To get the passwords you need to go through some crappy spam filled advertising pages, which flood your PC with malware (so the uploader gets paid).  To be honest it’s not worth the hassle although if you filtered to trusted uploaders and did batch downloads it’s an option worth considering.  I did this for about 12 months before getting fed up with the various hassles and incorrect files.

I then moved to a couple of subscription services which were completely legitimate – LoveFilm from Amazon and Netflix from someone else.  Both these give a free months trial to test out.  You can stream direct to your computer or any net enabled device like an Xbox 360, Wii or one of the many dedicated media streamers.  I tested for a month on my laptop and chose Netflix, best value and biggest choice I thought.  I even shelled out on a great little streamer called the Roku which connects to your TV and streams to that directly.  Works like a dream for a few bucks a month as long as you have a decent 5mb+ internet connection.

I was happy, and with technology that’s quite unusual for me.  Until I went abroad, I packed up my laptop and Roku and went to live in London for 12 months.  I had to do some work there , so I figured I could enjoy my Netflix account from there as I had a good internet connection.  That’s when  I discovered that all Netflix accounts are not equal, the American one is the best by far, the UK version of Netflix is hopeless and that’s what you get connecting from London.  Fortunately I discovered how you could get American Netflix outside the US, but it took me a while.  So then I got the best of both worlds – I could access BBC iPlayer without having to use a proxy like this and could use the American versions when I needed.

Anyway hope this post has helped, check the link above if you’re having problems with International versions of rubbish media sites.

Keep Your Cat Health

Saturday, July 20th, 2013


Cat is like a human it can suffer from disease. When decide to take a cat as pet automatically it is our responsible to keep his health mainly about its meal. In fact, let the cat eats too much cause obesity which can predispose the cat to diabetes, hepatic lipidosis and arthritis. Overweight and actually obese cats outnumber cats of normal weight and are being seen more and more commonly by veterinarians for various disorders.

Preventing those above happen to your cat thinking about what is the cause is your task. That’s pretty simple, but true. Depends on why your cat is overweight. If he’s overweight because he eats too much, or you feed him too much, then there are the common beliefs that obesity can lead to shorter life spans, diabetes, or joint and skin problems It is multifactorial but to simplify, just remember this: any individual mammal will gain body weight if it consumes more calories than it burns as fuel for energy.  Automatic cat feeder is the right solution for you, regarding this easily you can arrange your cat meal time without worrying about obese risk.