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At Last the BBC on my Ipad

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

When I got my Ipad I had visions of watching the news from the BBC whilst sitting watching the Californian sun dip below the horizon on my porch.  The best weather in the world combined with the best TV channels on the sexiest piece of technology that I’ve ever seen.  Unfortunately the reality didn’t quite happen as when I tried to access the BBC through their IPlayer application I was informed that I couldn’t watch due to my location.

Let me be quite clear although I’m currently in the US, I am a UK tax payer and perhaps more relevent a license fee payer too.  To be told I couldn’t watch the BBC news because of where I happened to be was rather annoying to be honest.  So I searched online, I read about the technology that was stopping me – apparently callled Geotargeting.  This involves a web site looking up your IP address when you connect and then cross referencing with a database listing all the locations.  So if you connect from California, I get an American IP address.

I figured there must be a way to hide your IP address and also your location – and I was right.  Firstly I discovered that you could use a proxy server based in another country to get access.  This however was a bit fiddly and involved changing my settings in Safari each time.  I looked further and finally found a solution that worked specifically on the Ipad using a VPN –

It’s surprisingly easy to do, the VPN can be enabled or disabled at will.  When it’s connected I appear to be in the UK wherever I actually am and as such I can watch the BBC whenever I like.  Even the desktop version works ok over VPN which allows you to download the shows and watch them later with no buffering.

Wine Passes Beer

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Wine is more popular than beer.


Did you ever think it would happen?

Over the past decade, wine consumption in the United States has grown so quickly that in 2011, for the first time on record more wine was consumed than beer in America.  Pretty amazing right?  Of course, we have a long, long way to go to catch France as they currently drink 6 times as much wine as we do per capita, but you’ve got to start somewhere right?

Sales of Rice Cookers on the Rise

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

The Japanese kitchen electronics manufacturer, Zojirushi, is continuing to expand their range of rice cookers which they sell to the U.S. market. Their latest offering is the Zojirushi NS-YAC10 Umami machine. Its sales blurb claims that it can lock in flavor for longer. This unit retails at more than $200 so is pitched as a premium product. Find out more about this machine here.  These machines are not available in all countries though, and the price can fluctuate greatly depending on your location.  For example if you’re based in Europe, try accessing some of the German retailers who stock these machines – they#re much cheaper on the whole although you may need to utilize a German proxy to access online retailers like

Rice becoming more popular in U.S.

One of the reasons for rice becoming a more popular food in the U.S. today is our bulging waistlines. Rice is eaten all over Asia and people eating a typical Japanese, Chinese, Korean diet, etc. are on the whole, much slimmer than their U.S. counterparts. Therefore if we start to eat more like Asians, perhaps our body shapes will start to slim down somewhat.

Moreover, rice goes is the perfect accompaniment to all kinds of dishes. It is a super versatile food and can be eaten at any time of day, even breakfast. This is one of the great features of the Zojirushi rice cookers available today. The don’t just make rice, there are all kinds of different options. So at breakfast time, why not try some rice porridge?


Major drip in prices

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

I’m glad to announce that we are experiencing a major drop in most price for the majority of the fitness centers we have visited in the last few days.

We all know how our health is important and for that we need a good combination of both a proper diet and exercises in order to not only maintain, but also to increase our health. Fortunately, with these huge drop in the majority of the fitness prices we have seen you will now be able to exercise for a better price.

If you compare some prices across many different companies like this one here and many others, you will soon find that great discounts are now being offered for people who are willing to commit to a 2-years contract or more. This is definitely where the bigger discounts are showing up at the moment.

Also, ensure that you check with different companies so you can rest assured that you are indeed getting a very good deal out of it.

Products Like The E-Cig Don’t Come Around Everyday

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

There are new innovative products coming out at an increasingly fast rate, some are great and can change our lives for the better and some are just there to pretty much waste our time. One product that has caught my eye in particular is the electronic cigarette, this is being sold as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes but it could also prove to be a healthier option. The good thing about these devices is that they don’t contain the thousands or carcinogens that are used in tobacco cigs.

There are a number of brands available jostling for that number one position but one that stands out from the crowd is The Safe Cig. It looks similar to the real thing in order to make the transition that bit easier as well as having a good tobacco flavor. They aren’t the cheapest but there is a Safe Cig coupon code available to give an initial discount on your first order. This is one product that comes highly recommended.

Growing trend of website templates

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

While building the web site, one of the many concerns will be the design of the web site design. Templates aren’t a good choice for every organization. But also for small company or perhaps Internet commences which may have a minimal finances and no in house professional web developer, a website template may be a ideal selection. An advanced business owner and even increase your current clientele and also market-share, and create a place in which probable and also present buyers can go to find out more about your business and simply find details, the thing you need is often a website.

A high level tiny start-up trying to commence a great online enterprise, you will need a website. And many likely, you need to accomplish your small business ambitions in just a sensible time-frame as well as for an acceptable price, without having skimping upon top quality. In fact, a growing pattern throughout website design is the utilization of ready-made website templates. Hunt for key phrases for example ’web design template’ or ’flash template’ on the internet may come back thousands of search engine results. You will find templates for the great deal of enterprise kinds: through florist to law firms.

With regards to the group you may find countless distinct web templates so that you can choose from. Which has a template you have the best of all possible — your skilled graphic and also operation which normally originate from a new website created by the chosen artist coupled with the particular affordability and suppleness of a Do-it-yourself web design task. Web templates are indeed a more affordable selection as compared to employing a web custom to construct website yourself. Perhaps seasoned web designers at times utilize web template as a starting to generate websites for his or her consumers, or even browsing through template websites to obtain tips for a new web design task.